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  • I have had too repair my home server and was trying to reactive remote access to my camera as a group. I have set up SS to port 8200. I forward my port 80 to that port

    I have not activated security on SS. but when I access the page I get request for user and password. I cannot find the guide I use to follow so I forget how to correct

    Any help would be appreciated
  • If you have not set up any user accounts in SecuritySpy's web server, then it will allow login without authentication (you should see very visible warnings to this effect under Preferences > Web). Therefore, if you are receiving a request for authentication when you attempt to connect, then the server you are connecting to is not SecuritySpy. It could be some IP camera that has given itself Internet access, or it could be the router itself providing access to its settings (both these things are undesirable if you don't want them - you should find the cause and disable it).

    What I would suggest is keeping SecuritySpy's default ports (8000 for HTTP and 8001 for HTTPS), and forwarding one or both of these for access from the Internet (I would normally recommend forwarding only the HTTPS port, but if you require access with no authentication, then you may as well use plain HTTP).
  • Ny bad.. I could have sworn I checked that during trouble shooting. but I went back and oppps\

    There use tp be a guide to configuring the SS apache commands for customingfthe web page. I cant seem to find that .. senility if tough
  • Do you mean this blog post? Customising SecuritySpy’s Web Interface

    Let me know if you are actually referring to something else.
  • ben, that has the information... . there use to be a chapter in the installation guide. but this also has the information. Thanks

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