Key Frame Interval Too High
  • Hello. I have a Hik camera using the h265+ protocol and SS continually throws up this error that the key frame rate is too high. In everything above h264 the key frame rate is not editable. The camera is set at 18fps and the I-Frame before changing to h265+ was set to 50. I am getting this on other Hik cameras at other locations but this is my home setup. The entire error is here:

    2020/04/13 10:16:37: Error performing motion capture for the camera "FRONT", motion capture mode has been disarmed. 5.2.2,5575,55340,818 Failed to record video frame. The key frame interval from the network device is too high, locate and change this setting in the device (may be called I-frame interval / I-frame rate / GOV length / Intra frame period).
  • With the plus (+) variants of the codec, Hikvision adds their own enhancements, and one of these is to implement a variable I-frame interval that can get extremely long. SecuritySpy imposes an upper limit on this, as long I-frame intervals become difficult to deal with and lead to undesirable side effects.

    The solution is to set the camera to the standard H.265 option rather than the H.265+ option.
  • That works for me. I have made the changes back to the non-plus option.
  • Ben, I am seeing the same on Axis cameras on our M1 mini.
    Any tips to tweak this setting?
  • Hi @Neurobit, on Axis this is called "Zipstream" - turning this off should fix your issue. You should find this somewhere in the "Video & Audio" settings for your Axis camera.
  • Got it. Was wondering about this, as it's supposed to be able to save considerable amount of storage when this is turned on. I'll give it a try.

  • Turning zip stream off worked btw.
    Any plan on supporting this in the future?
  • Great to hear this fixed it.

    It's not really a question of supporting it - long I-frame intervals do have the advantage of lower bandwidth, but this comes at a cost of difficulty processing the video stream, and some unexpected side effects that can reduce the user experience. And, the bandwidth benefits of long I-frame intervals provide diminishing returns as they get longer and longer. So, on the whole, it's always best to use a fixed, moderate I-frame interval that equates to around 2x-3x the camera's frame rate.
  • Thanks for the explanation.

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