Can't hide HomeHelper
  • Hey folks,

    Whenever I try to hide the HomeHelper app (with either Command-H or HomeHelper menu > Hide HomeHelper), macOS briefly hides the app, but almost immediately unhides it again. : /

    Is this a bug or intentional?

    Will (or can) this be addressed in a future update?

    SecuritySpy 5.3.1
    HomeHelper 1.0.2(4)
    macOS 11.2.2
    Mac mini (2018) with 3GHz i5 and 8GB RAM
  • This is intentional: unfortunately, if the app is hidden it can't receive HomeKit events. This is a restriction imposed by Apple, and I'm afraid there is nothing we can do to get around this (we have tried!)
  • I was worried that's what you were going to say. : D

    Thanks for explaining.
  • Hey Ben,

    Any chance you would consider minimizing the layout by reducing font sizes and whitespace to match the SecuritySpy Camera Info window?

    I tend to have both displayed full time on my headless Mac mini which is always at 1280 x 1024 resolution, and it would be nice if HomeHelper took up less of the screen real estate. ????????????

    BTW, I've been using SecuritySpy & HomeHelper with custom Home Automations to automatically enable motion detection when the last person leaves and disable it when the first person arrives for a few months now without any major outages. I did have to restart SecuritySpy once to get HomeKit integration to respond, and will try to gather details if it happens again. But other than that isolated incident, it's a very reliable setup. Kudos, and thanks for your hard work - it shows! ❤️
  • heh... "????????????" was supposed to be a smiley emoji followed by a thumbs up emoji. ????
  • Great to hear the setup is working well!

    We'll take a look at the layout, but since HomeHelper is basically an iOS app, it's inevitably going to look a bit different from true macOS apps like SecuritySpy. But we could certainly allow it to minimise down to a smaller window size.
  • Cool, thanks Ben - fingers crossed! : )

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