Need advice on doorbell cameras
  • I need to purchase four doorbell cameras to use with Security spy. I also have a significant Homekit environment but will prioritize compatibility with Security Spy over Homekit if needed. I have Cat6 run to each location and prefer hardwired. Good quality video over great night vision is a lower priority. I am currently considering DoorBird cameras as they also have internal speaker for sound. thanks in advance.
  • Please see our FAQ Which doorbell cameras are supported by SecuritySpy?

    The DoorBird is fine, however SecuritySpy can't do two-way audio with this one. If you need two-way audio, then I would recommend going for a Hikvision or Dahua model.
  • it looks like the Hikvision doesn't have a POE version. Am I missing something? thanks
  • Looks like the DS-KB6003-WIP and DS-KB6403-WIP don't have PoE but the DS-KB8113-IME1 does. The DS-KB6003-WIP requires 16-24 V AC while the DS-KB6403-WIP requires 12 V DC. This is quite surprising, I would expect them all to have PoE but apparently not.
  • Does anybody has this DS-KB8113-IME1? Looks interesting.

    How is the image at night?
    Have now a ring pro with great image, because the 2 doorbirds i had didnt.
  • Bones, Is the Ring Pro working with SS?
  • Ben, Bones and abid, thanks for the thoughts.Im down to the wire to order something. POE is important as I ran cat 6. thoughts or guesses DS-KB8113-IME1 vs Ring Pro?
  • abid nope
  • Hi @jasleinstein - Ring doorbells won't work with SecuritySpy, so if that's your choice then go for the DS-KB8113-IME1.
  • Ben

    ordered also the DS-KB8113-IME1.

    Wil there an option to for example the doorbell image to be seen as a PIP when the drivewaycam is fullscreen? Now i have to set the 2 images next to each other.
  • Great, let us know your impressions of this doorbell once you have installed it.

    Sorry, SecuritySpy does not have any options to display picture-in-picture; each camera window is laid out as a grid.
  • It is sad that the DS-KB8113-IME1 does not have POE. Let me know if any of you guys come across any decent doorbells that fulfil the following:
    1. Work with SS
    2. POE
    3. 2-Way Audio
    4. Good Nightvision.

  • Abid DS-KB8113-IME1 works with POE.

    Received today, cam not receiving a ip adres on my amplifi mesh with a the poe switch. Strange, rest of the cams ok.

  • With SADP tool checked the DHCP.

    Works with POE and SS
  • PIP doorbell full screen solved with always on top with VLC

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