Swann NHD 886MSD
  • Hi,
    Has anyone had any luck in getting the Swann NHD 886MSD to work. I have had no luck with securitySpy auto discovering, and I'm unable to even find the IP address using a network scanner.
  • Some Swann cameras can be made to work, but they are not the easiest to set up. Others don't work at all. These models unfortunately don't seem to support ONVIF, which is bad news. If you are able to return this camera, I would recommend doing so, and instead using one from our Supported Cameras list.

    If you want to try to get it to work:

    The fact that you can't find them with a network scanner indicates that they could be set to a default IP address that isn't on your subnet. Check the documentation that came with the camera - does this state what the camera's default IP address is?
  • I have been using multiple Swann NHD 825 bullet cameras for a few years now with SecuritySpy and they have worked no problem and without issue. Unfortunately I’m no longer able to find these anywhere to purchase so I decided to get the Swann NHD 886MSD dome camera. There is no documentation with the camera stating ip address unfortunately.
  • The web description and product brochure for this camera describe adding it to a Swann NRV only, and the description of the camera is "Add-on Camera for 4K NVR Systems". The user manual, which I found online, doesn't have much information at all - it just describes adding the camera to a Swann NVR and has no other information about IP address, default login, protocol support or anything that would be expected for a camera that is designed to work with a variety of NVRs. Therefore I think you are out of luck here - is it possible for you to return this camera?
  • Thanks for your reply.. unfortunately I have unboxed it and also test fitted it so I don’t think I will be able to return it. My current working Swann cameras, the NHD 825’s x 6 also stated that they only work with a Swann NVR but obviously they don’t because they work extremely well with the SecuritySpy software and because of this I thought I would take a chance on the NHD 886 model. There is power to the camera because at night I can see the infrared lights on, I just can’t discover it on my network.
  • There's a discussion here with some potentially useful info. Try this:

    - Under System Preferences > Network, note the current settings (specifically note what your Mac's IP address is - the first three numbers define the subnet).

    - Change your Mac's IP address temporarily to and click Apply.

    - Open our Network Device Finder and do a scan of the 172.16.1 subnet.

    - If that doesn't find the camera, change the port to 9988 and do another scan.

    - If the camera is found, double-click on the entry in Network Device Finder to open the camera's web interface in a web browser.

    - Log in using "admin" and "password".

    - Attempt to change the camera's IP address to a static address on your actual subnet (i.e. the one your Mac was set to initially). Enter as the subnet mask. Save and reboot the camera.

    - Reset your Mac to its initial IP settings.

    - You should now be able to access the camera at the new IP address you assigned it to.
  • Thanks once again for your input. The discussion that you linked to in your previous reply, well I actually read that the other day but I had no luck in my attempts. As far as your suggestions go I tried everything as you said but once again no joy.
  • I've had a small breakthrough to some degree. I decided to disconnect the current 6 working cameras from my switch and only plug in the Swann NHD886.
    TEST 1: I ran a scan using Wireshark and filtered using ARP and this did detect the camera which is good. It gave me plenty of info that I have no idea about but the bit what I did pickup on was the sender IP and the target IP

    TEST 2: The SecuritySpy Auto-Discovered Devices found it as an ONVIF device and labeled it as: IPC - IPCAMERA ( and when selected it gave this uuid:bc51fe0b-66c8-4adf-8702-bc51fe0b66c8 in the address bar. When I select open in browser it takes me to but nothing happens.
    It won't allow me to setup the device in the SecuritySpy preferences using the auto discovered devices either, Have used the Swann profile and ONVIF profile, username: admin password: 12345 and password: password with no success.
  • That is progress, and would seem to confirm some of the information in that forum discussion.

    What was the IP address of your Mac when running your "test 2"? If the Mac was on a different subnet, then auto-addressing still works but actual connection will not, which is consistent with what you were seeing.

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