New Apple silicon Mac Mini server
  • Thinking of getting new Apple Silicon mini to replace my 2012 Mac Pro. It's giving problems. Apple only offers 8 or 16 gigs of RAM. Is that enough? I have 40 cameras in a school environment. I'll get the mini, and a thunderbolt 3 storage array. See any problems with that kind of setup? I can see myself going up to 50 cameras maybe at 10 FPS or less. Thanks.
  • We have updated our System Requirements Calculator to give more accurate RAM estimate, so I suggest you put in your approximate system parameters and see what its says.

    16 GB is modest, and may now be the limiting factor on the number of cameras that you can use on these machines (whereas with previous Intel machines, the limit is almost always CPU).

    The main features in SecuritySpy that use significant RAM are as follows:

    - Pre-capture
    - Instant replay
    - Video encoding (e.g. web server viewing).

    As long as you're not making heavy use of the above features, then you may be just fine with 16 GB.
  • Hi. Having the same question as the OP, I read with interest about implications of software feature demands on memory, M1 RAM spec constraints, and how this will play out in everyday functionality. It's an interesting time!
  • @Ben,

    Interesting development. On the latest version of SS released a few days ago, CPU on my M1 has gone up slightly, from avg of 10%, to around 14-15%. Still super low, but thought I’d mention this. No changes on my end.
  • CPU usage on my new M1 Mini is surprisingly high. On my old i7 Hackintosh it was about 10%. I'm now over 30%, with the exact same configuration (exported and imported).
  • Disregard my last comment. My CPU is back down to 10% avg.
    And I even added another camera running at 4K. So 29 cameras at full res. and 10% CPU.

  • @Neurobit You have 29 cameras running on an M1 Mini?
  • @Neurobit Are you able to share what brand cameras you are using? Thanks.
  • Sorry for the late reply.

    I now have 30 cameras on the new M1 (512 SSD / 16GB RAM) which replaced the 8GB RAM model I had before.

    29 of those are Mobotix of various models. All are set at 10FPS, and on most of those the min. resolution is 1080P , and a few are @ 4K on the 6MP models.

    Right now while idle since it’s after hours, it’s sitting at ~12-13% CPU. During business hours when a lot of motion detection is happening, it climbs to ~15% CPU & ~25% RAM.

    I have the compression set at 70% for H264 recording, and on live viewing, half-frame is NOT checked.

  • I have 37 cameras on an M1 Mac mini. Running great. 16 percent cpu usage. Using a 16 TB Thunderbay. Same M1 config as neurobit.
  • Damn! I'm going to get one of these minis to phase out my 5,1 MacPro. Do you guys recommend I get the 16GB RAM model or will 8 be enough? Thanks!
  • @Mexecutioner get the 16 GB model. Since the RAM is not upgradable, I think it's definitely worth the extra cost.
  • I just set up a Mac Mini M1 and hooked it up to our Synology NAS.
    Smooth Sailing.

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