160/180 Degree Camera Recommendations?
  • I have a small area that I'd like to monitor with a wide angle camera and have been exploring available options.

    The 10 Recommended IP Cameras 2020 blog post has two wide angle cameras, but unfortunately I need night-vision and outdoor capabilities, which knocks both of them off the list.

    Before moving to SecuritySpy, I was using the 160 degree Raspberry Pi 3rd party cameras which worked really well, but I've been struggling to find an equivalent wide angle POE/outdoor camera with at least 4MP.

    I really like the look of this Milesight 180 camera, but I can't find a UK seller that will give me a price as most sites only seem to sell them to installers.

    My budget is £150 as this is only for monitoring my home, so I don't need commercial grade optics or build quality. I don't mind using cheap Chinese cameras as long as they support ONVIF, POE, waterproof, microphone, etc, as I can block them from accessing the internet. (I use H.VIEW 5MP cameras which work great for £55).

    I've seen some cameras by Vivotek, but they are way out of my budget from some of the prices I've managed to find. https://www.vivotek.com/products/network-cameras/180-panoramic-cameras

    I've held off posting a question like this as I hoped to find such a camera myself, but I've had no luck so far. I'm hoping someone on here might be aware of a reasonably priced wide angle camera that I've not found yet.

  • The Vivotek ones are very nice, but as you say they are not the cheapest.

    Axis also have some panoramic cameras that are very good and work well with SecuritySpy: https://www.axis.com/en-gb/technologies/panoramic-cameras

    Have a look also at the Dahua IPC-PFW8601-A180 or IPC-PFW8800N-A180 - these are multi-sensor camera that offer a 180 degree panoramic view in a very widescreen format. However I think these are quite expensive too. Other single-sensor Dahua panoramic cameras should also work OK, though we don't have firsthand experience with them.
  • Thanks for your advice Ben, it seems there are only expensive options at the moment, so i’ll probably go for two cheaper cameras to cover the same area for now.
  • I bought some widescreen lenses and replaced the default (6-8mm?) lens with much wider fisheye lenses on two of my cameras. That may be an option for you as well.
  • I'm using the Vivotek CC8371-HV Fish Eye Network Camera (180° view).

    Very good.
  • That does look a nice camera, but then I saw the price. :) (£477!) Thank you for the suggestion though.

    @aandrew, that's a good idea, but I guess they would interfere with the IR lights that surround most CCTV lenses?

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