Roku Channel
  • Has anyone created a Roku channel for displaying SecurityCenter feeds on a TV? Or is there some other clever thing you've done to show SecurityCenter feeds on a TV?
  • We're looking into AppleTV integration, which will be a good solution for TV display. We don't have a timescale for this feature addition but it's on the "to do" list!
  • Hi guys
    Any updates on a potential Roku app?
  • Sorry, it just seems that there isn't enough demand for this I'm afraid.
  • My solution was to get an older (inexpensive) Apple TV. I can then screencast my Mac's screen over to the apple TV and therefore onto whatever TV is connected to it via HDMI. There is no local control of the Mac, but it works well enough to have a "full screen" thumbnail view of all my cameras on an old TV that I had kicking around. It also means I can have my Mac in a different building, running headless, as long as the Mac has an interface on the same broadcast network (aka: ethernet segment) as the Apple TV.
  • +1 for Roku app.
  • +1 for Roku app

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