Security Spy Roadmap?
  • Just curious what the eventual goals of SS might be? Features, capabilities, etc.
  • We do have many plans for SecuritySpy, but we have found from experience it's best that we don't make these public. Plans can change, and we don't want to be in a position of having promised something that does not materialise, or suggesting a timescale for a particular feature that then has to be delayed. What I can say is that we are committed to developing and improving SecuritySpy for many years to come! And we do take on board suggestions from users, so if you have any particular ideas then please feel free to let us know.
  • A pip in full screen driveway cam would be nice, for example the doorbell cam.
  • Enhanced object recognition, and a type of ROI for the AI to concentrate on would be helpful.
  • Thanks for the suggestions - could you expand a bit on exactly what you are thinking here? What enhancements to the object recognition would you like to see? Also, SecuritySpy already has a motion mask (under Preferences > Cameras > Triggers) that allows you to restrict motion detection (including AI object detection) to specific parts of the video image - what further features in this regard would you like to see?
  • With regard to object recognition, just further ability to identify vehicles, people, animals, etc. Vehicle detection usually works pretty well, and mostly person detection, but I've noticed that a car towing a small flatbed looks like a person to it too...
    As far as masking goes, that would probably work OK, but the Mask would need to be bound to each preset.
  • I second the option for Animal object recognition.

    I do not want to use it out the front of the house but out the back where our dogs are we would love to see their activity in certain areas.

    Animal could be Dog & Cat even would be enough in my eyes.
  • option to download a movie in the sec. spy app (ios)

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