Doorbird question
  • Hi there
    looking for a good doorbell camera with a local stream for securityspy.
    Have now a ring pro, its a good cam with decent night view, but no local stream.
    Tried de doorbird D101, but nightview is very poor. Works good btw in securityspy. But didnt get the audio working.

    So which doorbell cam has good nightview, local stream with audio, and works in securityspy?
  • It's a pity about the Doorbird's night vision. One solution could be to install some IR or visible lighting at the location of the camera. Visible dusk-dawn lighting would be my preferred solution, as this would be good in and of itself in terms of security.

    Hikvision and EZVIZ both make good doorbell cameras that work well with SecuritySpy, though in both cases night vision is specified at 5m, which isn't very much, so this may not be better than the Doorbird.

    If you decide to stick with the Doorbird please let me know and I can work with you to try to get the audio working.
  • Hi Ben

    I have around the house big IR lights, so thats not the problem. Doorbird has extreme bad cameras in there doorbell. Also tried the D1101V in the meantime. They are all even worse then the very first skybell many years ago.
    What typeno Hikvision and EZVIZ doorbell are you referring to, i will try them.

    ps using securityspy from day one
  • Hi Ben,

    I would love to get audio working on the Doorbird. I'm happy to assist in way.

  • ??

    btw, anybody tried this one with securityspy?
  • Pete - many thanks for offering to help! I've sent you an email.
  • @Bones there is no indication that the Fibaro device supports standard protocols (ONVIF, RTSP) that would allow it to be used with SecuritySpy, unfortunately.

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