Remote Patrol 2.0 for IPhone
  • The Security Spy works great. Have ver 3.1.1. The built in web server works great. Able to view on my mac's, PC and my Iphone and Ipad. When I use Remote Patrol, it works great if I have the WiFi feature turned "on" on my Iphone. Remote Patrol finds everything OK and it works great. The problem is when I turn off the WiFi feature on my Iphone and just use the cell network, it does not connect. This is strange because it works great with the built in Security Spy web server using the Iphone browser on the cell network. So I would assume that the port forwarding was set up correctly.
    Any suggestions?
  • Hi,

    Most likely, it works over WiFi because in that case you are on the same network as SecuritySpy, and you are therefore connecting to SecuritySpy on its local (LAN) IP address. When you connect over the cell network, you are connecting over the internet, and for that you have to set up remote monitoring (as per the instructions in our Installation Manual).

    Additionally, Remote Patrol must be configured with your external (WAN) IP address or host name. If you use SecuritySpy's Dynamic DNS (DDNS) service to set up a public host name for your SecuritySpy server, Remote Patrol should be able to get this from SecuritySpy automatically, when initially setting up the server in Remote Patrol over WiFi.

    Hope this helps,
  • Thanks Ben. Got it working over the mobile network.
  • Ben: New subject. Looking to get my ipad camera to work. Downloaded IPcamera. Works on Ipad. Can see it on the web browser. Can see it on the web browser that SS3 is on. But, cannot get it to work in SS3. What settings do I use in the video device settings to accept the camera? Hope an easy one.
  • @truk4 -- what did you select for Device Type? It looks like there is an option for iPCamera iPhone App.

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