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CarPlay and SecuritySpy Alerts

I am trying to figure out how to get notifications while in my car. I do not have the car or iPhone set any Driving Focus modes. It is just connected to CarPlay for maps, music etc. If someone comes to the front door I do not get any SS alert sound and the iPhone screen does not light up to the Notification Center.

So while in the car connected to CarPlay, I have no idea that someone is at the door unless I unlock the iPhone and see the Notification "SecuritySpy Human detected in camera 'Front Door'."

Would changing the iOS app to allow Time Sensitive Alerts push the alerts to the car, or at the very least make my iPhone play the SS alert sound? Or could the app be allowed in the CarPlay system to show a notification or sound?

Thanks for your feedback.


  • I think CarPlay notifications are tightly controlled by Apple. If you go into notifications settings, you'll see 'Show in Carplay' for the apps that are supported eg. Find my.

    The only thing I can think off is that Home app is supported in CarPlay but not sure whether there are specific types that are supported. If you get the camera into the Home app, perhaps see if that solves your problem.

  • Interesting thought @kaps . I will give that a try. I know the Home app does integrate, but more for voice commands like open/close garage door. I have not found any status on locked doors or if garage door is open or closed, so I am not sure the cameras brought into the Home app would push any motion info.

    I guess it is a question for @Ben if they can add an option to change the alert type that would be supported in CarPlay to Time Sensitive or Critical. The DoorBird app has implemented a Critical Alert option that no matter what the phone settings are, it will ring when the doorbell is pushed.

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    Time sensitive and Critical alerts do not work in CarPlay because as mentioned Apple doesnt allow developers to configure these.

    Your best bet is route the alert to an app that is available to CarPlay eg. Using a background service to a sms and have that setup as a contact which is allowed in the Driving focus.

  • This has never been asked before and I'm not 100% sure about the specifics here, but after doing some research it seems that Apple has to specifically approve individual apps before they are able to display notification in CarPlay. I think it's unlikely that they would do this for SecuritySpy, so the only way would be some kind of convoluted workaround. Basically what @kaps said :)

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