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Away notifications

Does security spy have a home and away feature? I’d like to receive notifications from my cameras only when I’m away from home.


  • This can be achieved using Schedule Presets: configure one "Home" preset with schedules for each camera that you want while you are at home (e.g. with Actions unarmed so that you won't receive notifications), and an "Away" preset with the schedules that you want while you are away (e.g. with Actions armed so that you will receive notifications). You can then switch between Home and Away manually in the software itself (via the Control menu) or via the iOS app.

    For a greater degree of automation, these schedule presets can also be triggered by HomeKit accessories. For example, if you have a HomeKit-enabled door lock, or a particular HomeKit-enabled light in your house that you turn on/off when you arrive/leave, this can trigger the Home and Away schedules.

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