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Preventing Static objects from AI Triggering?

Are there any plans to remove static objects from triggering AI?

I have a case where our car is parked on our driveway every night. The headlights of any car driving down the street trigger motion. The cars/street are masked off and out of frame, but the headlights hit the driveway triggering motion and the AI sees the parked car and triggers and event.

This issue is flooding me with motion alerts, phone notifications and emails, and is the main reason I cannot convert my system over to Security Spy.

Blue Iris takes periodic reference pictures, scans those with AI, and doesn't count objects from that frame for future motion triggers, unless they move. Are there any plans to add something like that to Security Spy?



  • I think the same thing is happening to me although its a motion activated LED light that triggers (probably due to wind) and I get a motion capture.

  • SecuritySpy's vehicle AI is very accurate at determining whether there's a vehicle in the image (>98%), however it cannot currently tell the difference between a moving vehicle and a stationary one. Therefore, when you have a view where there is often a static/parked vehicle, you basically can't use the vehicle AI, because it will give you exactly the outcome that you are experiencing, whereby other movement such as shadows/rain cause motion detection around the vehicle, and then the AI detects the vehicle, causing a trigger.

    You have two ways of dealing with this. The first is to change the camera's view so that static vehicles aren't in the frame, but only moving vehicles could be. Alternatively, turn off vehicle detection and use human detection only. With human detection, there is no similar problem of "parked" stationary humans to deal with.

    We are looking at possible solutions for the future, but it's a difficult problem to deal with effectively, so I can't promise when we will be able to overcome this limitation.

  • Thanks for the response.

    The vehicle is not there all the time and I want to know when it arrives, or if someone else does, so I can't excuse that halve of the driveway.

    Humans only does not really work either, since it does not tell me when someone drives into the driveway.

    The AI is great otherwise and very fast on M1 Mac. I really like SecuritySpy

    Unfortunately, I'll have to stay with BlueIris. I'll check periodically to see if you are able to find a solution.

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