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I have 2 Axis cams (M1075L and M1055L). In the "triggers" option, "camera trigger", only port 1 and port 2 are available. The M1075 has build in PIR sensor and onboard motion detection. Why are the PIR and Motion detections not available ? (it works with a Dahua cam).


  • With Axis cameras, the way the PIR and onboard motion detection work is different from the way the IO ports work. I'm not sure why Axis implemented it like this - it would be much better if all events were accessible in the same way. We have tried in the past to add PIR/MD support for Axis but have not been able to find the technical information we need in order to do so. Therefore, at this time, these functions are not supported for Axis cameras unfortunately.

  • @PGH, if you're able to step to the side a bit you can have the Axis cameras send messages 'somewhere' ( ) which in newer cameras like yours include MQTT.

    I run with older Axis cams and use straight sockets to 'elsewhere' and then deal with them.

    SSpy isn't ( AFAIK ) listening to murmurs in these elsewheres tho, so you may have to string something together for parallel notifications

    Ben you may want to look at the python code the team who build the Axis add-on to Home Assistant created.

  • Thanks ! I could try MQTT messages.

    Also, I can wire the I/O output into the I/O input, as the Axis Plugin accepts port 1/2 triggers.

    The MD messages are sent via ONVIF and it works well when the cam is connected to Scrypted. Too bad it doesn't work with SSPY.

  • it might by considered heroic ( ala Booch), but AXIS event rules -> MQTT -> (insert your MQTT listener code here ) -> applescript on SSpy webserver. One could probably mess around with node-red and prototype something.

    A couple of my older axis cameras have external PIRs. it's pretty handy.

    I totally get Ben not adding another event loop / listener dealy into SSpy; that would add a great deal of complexity and corresponding support overhead.

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