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Reolink RLC-823A - Error 302

I have five Reolink cameras in my SecuritySpy system. Two of of them are RLC-823A's.

I updated the firmware on one of them to the latest version (...23051711) and then setup the camera similarly to the other RLC-823A (apart from DHCP IP address). On restart I started getting erors in the log:

Error communicating with camera "Front". Error from network device. 5.5.8,8440,302.

I power cycled the camera, restarted SecuritySpy, restarted the switch and restarted the router to no avail.

I double checked the settings between the working RLC-823A and the '302' RLC-823A and they were the same.

So I then decided to down-date the firmware back to the previous version (...22051911), the same version that is on the other RLC-823A that is working. After setting up all the settings, I am still getting the '302' error.

I should add, that I can log onto the camera via a web browser, which is how I set the settings. The live feed is working OK. I can also see the live feed via the Reolink App, so I know the camera is working and connected to the network.

This all a bit perplexing. Any suggestions as to what I should try next?



  • Recent Reolink cameras come with their ONVIF and RTSP functions turned off by default, for some inexplicable reason. The solution is to connect to the camera using a web browser to view its settings, locate the Port Settings screen, and enable ONVIF and RTSP. Please see the attached screenshots for a demonstration of where you can find these settings (two different locations, depending on version). Subsequently, the camera should be auto-discovered by SecuritySpy and should work using either the Reolink or the ONVIF profile. I would recommend using the latest firmware version available.

  • Thanks, that fixed it!

    All working again now. 😀

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