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Years ago I goofed around with using zones for motion alerts, ultimately found it too annoying and forgot about it. Now I have a recurring package thief and it would be useful to be able to set up zones so that every passing car doesn't trigger the alert. I don't see the option in security Spy though... maybe it was some other software I was trying at the time?

Also, I don't want to do anything that complicates my current capture scheme (new video every hour but it would be nice is FF could throw up a still image showing what sets each motion alarm off, for e.g. I'm in the kitchen when I hear the alarm and want to come to where the computer is to quickly (but likely a few seconds too late) to see what triggered the alarm. Is there a way to do this?


  • you'll probably be told to make a clone of the camera and set that up as a de facto Zone

  • I saw some older posts about that but it seems something about it didn't quite work.

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    K, not sure I did this right. Set up a new device, copied settings from the camera in question. In the little window I drew a quasi-circle around the area I wanted for the "special" zone with green giant pixel pen. I gave the old camera and the new device different alert sounds. Is this what I was supposed to do? So far a car went by and triggered the "old" camera but nothing has crossed the "zoned" camera yet.

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    Seems to work, I think. So camera 1= my whole front window view. Camera 2 eliminates upper half so just sidewalk and steps, no passing cars. Can I do a 3rd camera that's only the porch steps? And these don't count against my 4 camera limit?

  • Yes you can add the same camera multiple times to achieve what you want, and each additional instance won't count towards your camera limit, as long as the device settings are identical.

    Just to clarify how the masks work: motion is ignored in the green areas. So you will want to draw green in all parts of the image outside the zone of interest when creating the mask (i.e. not just a ring around the area).

  • Aha, thanks. I ended up filling in the target area with I know why it didn't work :-)

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