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iOS app - constantly dropping current view when connection quality is poor

Hi Ben, when I am walking around the property and going in and out of WiFi coverage while viewing different camera recordings in the SecuritySpy app, the app seems to drop out of my current view and back to the "home" screen that lists all of the active camera feeds. It does this every few seconds, and when it happens I of course lose my place in the video list and drop out of the video I was viewing.

Is it possible to code a different behavior for when the server connection is temporarily lost? It would be ideal if it would just stay in the current screen for a longer timeout before dropping out of it simply because of a connection issue.

Thank you!


  • Thanks for the feedback, I agree that this behaviour could be improved, we'll add this to the list for the next update.

  • Much appreciated, that would be fantastic.

  • +1, this would be a great fix. We have servers with 30+ cameras and trying to watch #30 can get really annoying.

  • Hi @jdickmann are you referring specifically to the behaviour where the app re-loads the current screen when the network connection changes (e.g. switches from WiFi to cell)?

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