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Profile for Lorex NZ44P12B - looking for PTZ

Hi folks,

is there a specific profile I should use in SSpy to get PTZ control for the Lorex NZ44p12b? This was one of the 2022 recommended cameras.

Currently the images are quite good using the Lorex NVR and the ONVIF format.

However I'm not seeing any PTZ controls exposed. Also wondering if these push through to the UI presented by the web server.

The Mac in question is running SSpy 5.5.1, and is out in the woods at a cabin. The mac itself is running 10.15.7, Catalina, which is the end of the line for that specific machine.



  • ONVIF is the right profile to use for this camera. Also, make sure the username/password you are entering into SecuritySpy gives admin access rather than some lesser/viewer access.

    Also, I'd recommend you update to SecuritySpy v5.5.8 - the version you are using is rather old now.

    If you're still having issues with PTZ on v5.5.8 when using ONVIF and admin login, please let us know and we'll investigate further.

  • I wanted to comment on my experience with this.

    I have some Lorex LNZ44P4B PTZ cameras. They are pretty good cams, but I couldn't figure out how to get SecuritySpy to work the PTZ controls.

    The mistake I made was using an account other than the default "admin" account for the SecuritySpy access, even though my special account was also in the camera's admin group.

    It seems that ONVIF really only wants to work with that admin account. Once I change SecuritySpy's access credentials to the default admin account (with the password changed, of course), PTZ started working well.

  • Thanks for the feedback @kourt - yes, it's the case with many IP cameras from various manufacturers that only the admin account gives access to PTZ, so this is the first thing to check if video is working but PTZ isn't.

  • Late follow up -

    so I have PTZ working. it's quite nice.

    for the fun of it I tried PTZ shortcuts / presets.

    no joy. here's some giant bamboo and redwoods above a creek in California's Santa Cruz mountains I just PTZ'd to... for fun

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