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Two-way audio with Hikvision DS-2CD2346G2-ISU/SL - any experience?

I'm considering buying this camera specifically for its two way audio capability. Anyone have experience of it with SS?


  • This looks like a good camera with an unusual (for outdoor cameras) and useful feature of having a built-in speaker. Although we haven't tested this specific camera with SecuritySpy, we have tested many other Hikvision models, and I don't expect that you'll have any problems using it with SecuritySpy, including its two-way audio features.

    There is also a 4K resolution version of this camera (model number DS-2CD2386G2-ISU/SL) so you may prefer to go for this one if it's not too much more expensive.

  • Thanks for getting back and for your comments, Ben. I've bought the camera and I'll let you know my user experience.

  • I suspect I've not configured something correctly, but I'm unable to send audio from my iphone to this camera (although I can hear sound on my iphone from the camera microphone). I've selected iphone on SS settings as the sound source (maximum volume) and I have enabled use of microphone in iphone app settings.

    Speaking directly into the iphone when this camera is active on the iphone app (and the camera microphone is working) results in no sound output from the camera and when I click on the "wheel" on the bottom bar of the app and then click on "Send audio", the app hangs up.

    Am I missing something?


  • Hi @nbraude I'm not immediately sure what the problem here could be, but we will certainly investigate this. I have just replied to the support ticket that you opened so please reply there.

  • 2 way audio stopped working for me on latest updates.Might be why it doesnt work for you

  • Ben,

    Have you made any progress in resolving this issue?


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