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Leftover Thumbnail Files & Moving Image files using ProcessCapturedFile.scpt


I am using "Capture Image Continuously (30 seconds between captures)' on 3 cameras to make time lapse videos. I am resizing the image files using -sips and moving the captured images to designated folders using the 'ProcessCapturedFile.scpt.' Recently the script became corrupted and while addressing that I noted that the invisible Thumbnail Files e.g. '.03-01-2023 09-02-28 DownUnder.jpg.thm' in the primary sSpy capture folders were not routinely being deleted. Is the deletion of these files a function of sSpy or the Finder/OS/File Indexing. Is there a setting I might change that will insure these seemingly extraneous files are routinely deleted. I disabled -sips processing thinking perhaps the resizing/moving combination might be responsible for the inconsistency of file deletion. But that changed nothing. I have stopped/started sSpy as well as rebooted the computer. I am running the most recent release of sSpy on a Late 2014 MacMini. There are no errors in the sSPY log. The MacMini is not under any strain. All the files generated by sSPY are stored on an external SSD drive attached via a USB port. The image files properly "drop" from the sSpy Browser List as the script processes them. I can of course write a script to remove these seemingly extraneous files but I was curious as to the underlying process managing these files.

Thank You.


  • As long as you have any of the automatic file deletion options enabled under Preferences > Storage, these invisible thumbnail files will be automatically deleted at some point. When exactly this happens depends on a few factors. One circumstance that would trigger this is when the folder no longer has any media files in it (jpeg, mov, m4v), at midnight.

  • Makes Sense.

    As I am still getting my feet wet in how to tweak sSpy for my needs and preferences I have yet to enable any auto deleting functionality; lest I inadvertently trash something.

    Thank You Ben.

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