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Feature request: run script with ptz preset

Would like the option to assign an apple script to each ptz preset, that runs when that preset is called/pressed in ptz controller.

press ptz 1 >ss1.applescript runs with it

press ptz 2 >ss2.applescript runs with it

etc etc.

preferably a new menu in the ptz controller that lets you check/uncheck if u want it to run with the preset.

:P I don't want to manually open an AppleScript each time like a peasant QQ



  • Thanks for the suggestion, the merit of such a feature is not clear – we would like to avoid cluttering the software's user interface with features that only a handful of people would use. Could you please explain how this feature would be useful?

  • wanna run a curl command to turn on ptz light thru its api when preset is called.

  • the idea comes from something similar BLUE IRIS can do

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