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AI Action trigger when a car is gone

Hi Ben,

Big compliments for the AI integration in SecuritySpy. Very nice feature. We made a Trigger Action with a "run shell command" to change a Variable into the Indigo Home Automation software when a car is detected into a garage. Works flawless! Perfect!

Do you think if it's possible to make a Trigger action again when the car is gone?

(This is also useful for monitoring a car on the street)

Maybe SecuritySpy can compare images when a car is there or not?

Thanks for listening and keep on the good work!

All the best,




  • Hi John, many thanks for the compliments! Glad to hear this is working so well for you.

    There currently isn't a feature to initiate any kind of action when an object like a car is gone - only when its movement is detected. But, I think this would potentially be a nice idea for a future update, we'll see what we can do.

  • Thanks for the feedback Ben. After more than 35 years experience we can say that good software is always improving! 👍️


  • I was just searching to figure out if there was a way to accomplish something like this. Motion could be used for vehicles entering or leaving a driveway, but knowing the status of stationary vehicles detected in the driveway is also useful.

    I tie SecuritySpy in with Home Assistant, so I was thinking of these scenarios in addition to the one from the OP:

    1. No cars are present in the driveway. HA knows no one is home. HA knows the garage door is open. After a delay, HA closes the garage door.
    2. HA knows someone is home. The driveway camera shows either all expected cars present or no cars present. HA could trigger some action / scene.
  • Hi @jaharmi we are thinking that this could potentially work via SecuritySpy's HomeKit implementation. You could use the HA HomeKit integration to make a HA accessory available to HomeKit (either a real accessory or a virtual switch), which SecuritySpy could then control based on the presence of absense of a vehicle in a particular camera. Is this what you are thinking? Or, is there another method of integration that you had in mind?

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