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Tiered storage / Browser scanning multiple volumes?

Hello. I am about to deploy about 25 cameras, mostly 4K, using a Mac Studio Ultra. I’d like to keep a few weeks of continuous (time lapse) movies and motion movies around. Is there a way to use “tiered storage” to first record to an SSD and, when full, copy the oldest day to another volume (NAS) until the NAS is full, then delete the oldest day on NAS?

I guess I could do the file management with a different tool as long as Browser could scan multiple paths—the SSD first (and present those results immediately) and then scan the slower volume and add in those results later. I love the very fast SSD scan times, which is why I don’t want to just use NAS for everything.

Is something like this supported?



  • This isn't supported in exactly the way you describe, though you can achieve something similar like this:

    • Add each camera twice to SecuritySpy (if you use identical device settings, this will only count once towards your license)
    • Set the first instance of each camera to record motion-capture files to the SSD
    • Set the second instance of each camera to record continuous-capture files to the NAS

    This way, you get the high performance of the SSD when reviewing motion-capture files, which is probably what you will want to do most of the time, while also having the continuous-capture files instantly available in the Browser if you need to refer to them (e.g. if you can't find what you are looking for in the motion-capture files).

    Do you think this would work for your installation?

  • Thanks. I think that could work. Not ideal, but a good work around. Obviously, the ideal would be to just have a longer history of everything (go back and look at motion captures from 60 days ago, for example). But I will try this.

    In terms of network and CPU/GPU overhead, do the duplicate cameras consume extra resources?

  • Good to hear that this could be a good workaround for you.

    The duplicate cameras won't increase your network usage (SecuritySpy shares the same data stream for both instances), but may increase your GPU usage for decoding. To avoid this, what you can do is to enable the "Decompress incoming frames only when required" option in the General Preferences, and avoid anything that requires the secondary/continuous cameras from being decoded (mainly, displaying them in video windows and viewing them via the web interface). Create a group window containing only the primary/motion cameras and use that to view live video, rather than the All Cameras window.

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