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SS can't log in to Gmail

I noticed that SecuritySpy emails were not coming to my inbox. Checked the app and settings look fine, but GMail is rejecting the login attempt after I click the "Test" button. Discovered that GMail has deprecated the "less secure app" functionality and I can't even find the place to create an app password.

Any suggestions on how I can get this working again?


  • You will need to create an "App Password" for SecuritySpy so that it can send emails using your Gmail account - please see Google's help document Sign in using app passwords.

  • Thanks, that worked. At first, and this is why I had to ask, the "App Password" button was not being offered to me in my account management area. I had to turn on 2-way authentication before the Google system would present the option of making an app password.

  • Yes it seems that you are correct that you need to enable 2-factor authentication for your Google account in order to create App Passwords.

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