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Homehelper doesn't have any SecuritySpy cameras showing

I'm trying to set up triggers and actions, and I installed homehelper, but none of my cameras show up when I try to add triggers. I'm assuming I can't add an action without a trigger.

I'm running SecuritySpy v5.4.2 and homehelper v1.0.2(4)

In SecuritySpy, for the camera I'd like to trigger on I've enabled Motion detection, set a Motion Capture AI trigger to 50 (Human threshold), and a Audio trigger of 50. Nothing for the camera shows up in Homehelper, however.

Am I missing something obvious?


  • You won't see cameras in HomeHelper. Instead, you set up Triggers or Actions in HomeHelper as follows:

    Set up a Trigger in HomeHelper, based on some event in a HomeKit accessory. This can then be used to trigger any camera in SecuritySpy under Preferences > Cameras > Triggers. Example: a HomeKit PIR sensor that causes a SecuritySpy camera to record when it detects motion.

    Set up an Action in HomeHelper, that causes a HomeKit accessory to do something. This can then be configured as an action for any camera in SecuritySpy under Preferences > Cameras > Actions. Example: when SecuritySpy detects motion in a camera, this causes a HomeKit lightbulb to turn on.

    The HomeKit Integration section in the user manual should help explain things in more detail. I hope this clears things up, please let me know if you need further information.

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