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Cameras Won't Record After Network Change

I've had SecuritySpy working for sometime now with 3 cameras on motion-triggered, recording to the hard drive of a Mac Mini. The folders are mirrored to my Google Drive and are kept there for a month. I had an issue with my home network that required me to change the SSID of my WiFi repeater then change it back again. After this change SecuritySpy no longer records any of the cameras. I can see all 3 cameras fine in the grid display. I've tried dissabling/enabling cameras, restoring the to the Default record location and going into Continuous Record but nothing works; they stubbornly refuse to record. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.


  • If you see live video from these cameras in SecuritySpy, and you have set some appropriate recording options under Preferences > Cameras > Motion Capture and/or Preferences > Cameras > Continuous Capture, then the only thing missing is to set a schedule for each of these modes that arms the camera and starts recording at the time(s) you want. This schedule can "Armed 24/7" if you want recording all the time. The Recording and Schedules section of the user manual explains this in more detail.

  • That seemed to fix it. I have no idea why that got reset. Anyway, thank you.

  • I noticed the same issue, all 4 cameras have somehow been randomly set to 'unarmed' for all types of recording. Seems to have happened 4 days ago. I'm on 5.4.2, Mojave (updated on the 17th May).

    The only change I have made in the past few days was tweaking settings for one specific camera: Preferences - Motion Capture - Checked 'Movie Capture' (no other camera was touched). Other than that I had to relaunch the app as the Security Spy web server hasn't allowing remote access (we'd had some local network issues, had to reboot our router, this often seems to mess up the Security Spy remote access).

  • This doesn't happen by itself - once you set a schedule for a camera mode, it will be saved and remembered. Even if the camera goes offline or is disabled, it will be remembered and applied when the camera comes back online. It is remembered across restarts of SecuritySpy or reboots of the Mac. The schedule will only change when set via the various user interface elements that are designed for this, e.g. right-clicking a camera and choosing a schedule option, applying a schedule preset, choosing a schedule via the web interface or the iOS app etc.

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