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Victure cameras

edited May 4 in ViewCam

From searching this forum I don't believe anybody's tried using ViewCam with Victure cameras. These are ultra-cheap Chinese cameras, that I think are just rebadged other brands (but I don't know which).

I'm using four PC420 cameras, and two PC730 cameras. All are set to ONVIF with static IPs. All work fine if accessed using VLC.

To cut a long story short, the PC420 cameras works fine in ViewCam with a "Manual Configuration" profile, and "RTSP (video and audio)" set as the format. Nothing else needs completing in the prefs dialog boxes.

I cannot get the PC730 cameras to work. I just see "Connecting..." forever, then sometimes , "No key frames recently". I've tried every configuration I can think of in the ViewCam preferences window.

VLC's info window when playing the streams shows exactly the same for both cameras:

H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (h264) / PCM ALAW (alaw)

.. but with one difference. The troublesome PC730 cameras have 25 frame rate, while the PC420 cameras have 20.


  • It sounds like all your settings are correct, but there is some problem with the video stream that is incompatible with ViewCam.

    As an experiment, could you please try the latest beta version of SecuritySpy with this camera (with the same settings as you are using in ViewCam). This version has some updates and bug fixes related to processing camera streams. These updates will find their way into ViewCam soon, but this would be a useful to test to see if this does in fact make a difference here.

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