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HomeHelper not finding all devices

I have a bunch of Homekit devices created from various apps (Indigo, Homebridge, Scrypted) and some of them don't show up as options for Actions in HomeHelper.

I recenlty moved from a Mac Pro to a Mac Studio and the Mac Pro had all devices available, but I'm not seeing some of them on the Mac Studio.

I'm trying to use HomeHelper to trigger Homepod audio when motion is detected on one of my outdoor cameras, and that camera's motion trigger sensor (created by Homebridge) doesn't show up as an Action in HomeHelper. The Home app shows all of the devices, as well.

How can I force HomeHelper to show me all devices?


  • Semi-related: is it possible to alphabetize the list of devices? It'd make finding one in a long list super easy (or add type ahead).

  • HomeHelper shows only a subset of all installed HomeKit accessories. The accessories supported by HomeHelper / SecuritySpy are those that have one or more of the following characteristics:

    • Power state
    • Input event
    • On/off contact state
    • Occupancy detection
    • Security system state
    • Power outlet state
    • Switch output state
    • Brightness level
    • Motion detected
    • Door position
    • Lock mechanism position

    So for example, a light bulb would have a power state and a brightness state. HomeHelper will detect this and then add the lightbulb as an available accessory. When developing HomeHelper we did not look at triggering speakers, so from what you describe, it seems that the HomePod does not expose any characteristics that HomeHelper currently supports. This should be the same on both your new Mac Studio and your old Mac Pro. We'll take a look at audio in the next update of HomeHelper - perhaps this will be easy to add, but it's possible that we'll discover it's not so easy (e.g. how would HomeHelper control what gets played to the speaker?) so I can't promise that we'll be able to add this functionality.

    I understand what you are saying about the list of accessories being a bit awkward if long - in the next update we're planning to organise this better.

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