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licensing when adding the same camera multiple times

For creation of multiple zones (Regions Of Interest, ROI), rules, and possibly schedules, I understand that the current recommended practice is to add the same camera multiple times with each configuration setup to accommodated.

As an example:

In the daytime camera A is checking one particular area (call it Zone A) for any activity (people or vehicles). At night (sunset to sunrise) I might then change Camera A to be looking only for People, and only in another area of interest (call this Zone B). I might then have another configuration for Camera A where it only check for vehicles in a certain area (call this Zone C) from 4pm to 10pm.

Would each of these configurations consume a camera license (three licenses), or does the system associate a camera license with an IP address (or some other mechanism) for licensing and therefore only require a single license?

I am still evaluating the move to SecuritySpy but would like to better understand this aspect in order to calculate the true cost to switch.


  • I did some more reading and found this statement from @Ben in a post from June 2018.

    "If you add a camera twice to SecuritySpy using exactly the same settings, SecuritySpy will detect this and it will pull in just one stream from the camera, and will not count the second instance towards the camera license limit."

    So my question has been answered.

  • I'm glad you fond the answer. Yes, with a complex plan like this, the only way to achieve this at present is to add the camera multiple times, and the information about licensing is still current.

  • Hello @Ben did the licensing changed?

    Im trying to use the same camera (Stream 2- lower fps ) to trigger the same camera (copy of the same settings using stream 1 with higher fps) to capture video of movement

    Kind of the same setup or trying to accomplish the same as here: ( )

    But the added copy of the camera comes out as UNLICESED

  • Hi @gado915TX the licensing rule hasn't changed, the issue here is that the stream settings for each instance are different (you said one uses stream 1 and the other uses stream 2). In this case, SecuritySpy doesn't recognise them as the same camera, and counts each towards the license limit. This is because any difference in the device settings could mean that the second instance is a different camera, hence all device settings must be identical to avoid this issue.

  • @Ben but is the same camera in the same household! (I don't see car makers charging twice for a Car with reverse in its transmission)

    anyways thank you.

  • BenBen
    edited January 26

    I understand. However, with any difference in device settings, it could be a different camera, so SecuritySpy has to treat it as such. I see that this limitation is preventing you from doing what you want to do, and so if you need to upgrade your license because of this, we can offer you a discount - if you are interested in this please email us.

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