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Anyone use the Dahua 5MP doorbell?

Looks pretty legit in terms of specs -

Model Number: DH-DB6I

Just wary to purchase as it seems like it might be specific to their own app / NVRs


  • I'm following this thread in case anyone has used it. I just came across this newer doorbell this morning and I'm interested.

  • Looks interesting. The specs do list RTSP, which is the thing that SecuritySpy needs to support the video/audio stream. So I think it's highly likely to work with SecuritySpy, If anyone manages to test one please report back!

  • Well - to update this. I got an Amcrest AD410… and like all the reviews warn - pressed the button the 10th time and… lights out - dead.

    so back to Amazon it went.

    Delivery on Friday should be the DH-DB6I

    so I’ll update - the Amcrest worked ok - but it was a real pain to isolate from the cloud - I’m hoping the Dahua is a bit more robust and also easier to configure

  • edited April 8

    Got the doorbell today. Opened up the box. Attached it to my bench power supply. Fed it 18.5V. Got it set up in the mandatory Dahua app.

    got a motion notification

    made a sound. Light turned off. Power supply went to 0A draw.

    RMA was issued.

    Never got to consume streams in SS.

    Thus far for $70 more than the Amcrest - not impressed…

    not sure if I’ll do an exchange and try again on a $200 doorbell. Or retry the $120 Amcrest…

    Just junk from mainland China I guess…

  • I think this is very bad luck - both Amcrest and Dahua are respectable brands, and to have two devices fail in quick succession is quite unexpected!

  • So far the replacement Amcrest has been working well. Bit of a challenge to get it to stop phoning home and still work locally - but got that sorted. Aside from its size - it’s a fatty - it does the job well!

  • Good to hear that, thanks for reporting back. How would you rate the image quality?

  • It's pretty decent - it did take a lot of fiddling to get it set up right (Amcrest app, direct URL config of the device, Amcrest tool) - but overall I'm pretty happy with it. It's juts "big" - the Dahua looked nicer IMHO - this thing is a big bauble. BUT, the angle bracket centers the image of the porch nicely, the button press works great through Scrypted and I can 2 way audio with it - and it is isolated from the internet as well like all my other cameras.

    Most of the image messing around was with the HRD settings to get it exposed correctly as it faces due east - so lighting conditions change quite a bit.

    I'd recommend it.

  • Many thanks for this - very useful information.

  • OK, I'll bite.

    I ordered the Dahua DH-DB6I from B&H. It won't be here for another 10 days, though.

    I'll report back when I get it installed.

  • I got the Dahua DH-DB6I today and set it up. Powered up, seems to work OK.

    SecuritySpy was able to discover it using the "Dahua Technology" dropdown selection and acquire it with no problem, once I remembered they had to be on the same subnet.

    It displayed the unit's IP address, which I was not able to find using the Dahua app.

    I manually entered the IP address displayed in the auto-detect block into the address block above it in SecuritySpy camera setup, entered the username and password and there it was.

    I'm not sure about the thing technically, as far as lens quality, whether it's really 5MP, and all the other specs, but it does play nice with SecuritySpy, thanks to SecuritySpy's auto-discover ability.

    it's inside right now, and it will be a while before we get it mounted outside by the gate. I'll post more info when I have it.

    The doorbell function and video to my iPhone seems to work well.

  • This is great feedback @Sawmill, thanks for posting. You can check the specs of the video stream (format, resolution, frame rate) via SecuritySpy's Camera Info window. If you don't see these columns, click the header bar where you see the column names, and a menu pops up that allows you to add them.

  • Thanks.

    Here's what it says for the Dahua: 10 FPS, 4.9 MP, 2560X1920

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