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iOS, tvOS Deep Links

I'm able to use iOS and tvOS deep links to pull up SecuritySpy to a specific camera feed on iOS using this format: securityspy://authentication/live?cameraNum=29.

I'm wondering if there is a way with deep links to open the iOS and tvOS apps directly to multiplex. This would be ideal for my use case. If this is not possible now, could a deeplink to do this be added in the future?


  • Not at the moment, however this is already on the list for the next update.

  • Dumb question:

    In both cases (single cam or multiplex), are we talking about like a shortcut on the Apple device to launch SecuritySpy (in desired mode) on the same device? Or externally from another device via IP messages? I would love to be able to have SecuritySpy (the Mac app) to cause an Apple TV to wake up and launch the SecuritySpy tvOS app in the desired mode. Obvious use case: on motion, show live stream (or XYZ seconds rewound stream if buffer video available) on TV.

    On Control4 forums, the conventional wisdom is that this is not possible (remote launch specific tvOS).


  • Yes, this is what I'm looking to do, and after years of trying to figure it out, I finally have.

    There is a beta of an Apple TV app in development called Deeplinks that allows this:

    I can already pull up a certain camera feed using my Streamdeck, and when there is motion at my front door it pulls up my front door camera. I can also control PTZ presets with the Streamdeck as well. This all uses a combination of the Deeplinks app, Home Assistant and Node-Red.

    Here is a video of it:

    I'd like to be able to pull up all four cameras covering my front door and front of my house when there is motion at my front door.. To do that I would need to be able to link directly to multiplex though.

  • Hi @emergent thanks for posting the video, this is great! I will see if we can add links for multiplex soon.

  • Hey Ben I am trying to info relating to the release notes of adding deep linking to multiplex. Is it in context to this thread ?

  • Hi @kaps the new URL scheme to open the app in Multiplex mode is securityspy:///multiplex

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