Web streaming from 10.8.4/Safari 6.0.5
  • I've noticed that when accessing SS servers (3.0.4) with the latest OS/Safari combo, the default "Automatic" streaming format results in a blank page. Anything I can do to fix that?
  • This isn't a known problem, Safari has always supported this format (which is server-push JPEG). Please try the "QuickTime MPEG-4" option instead, this uses the QuickTime plugin to display a MPEG-4 video stream. This option will be remembered for the future so you won't have to select it again for the same browser.
  • Quicktime 4 is blank with a small black strip showing 0:00 at bottom.
  • Please try a different browser - Chrome or FireFox (using both the Automatic and QuickTime MPEG-4 settings). This will help narrow down the problem.
  • Firefox worked on Automatic but not Quicktime 4.
  • Meant to say Quicktime MPEG 4.
  • The reason why the QuickTime MPEG-4 streaming doesn't work is probably down to some QuickTime transport settings on your computer - please see this FAQ about how to set up the transport settings.
  • That tweak worked - why is that needed? This was a clean install of 10.8 (the machine I'm using). Still curious as to why "Automatic" didn't work from the get go.
  • The QuickTime plugin has a few different transport settings for RTSP transport (which is what is used for the MPEG-4 streaming option). Unfortunately the particular transport method cannot be specified by the server, and cannot be automatically detected by QT - both opens Apple should have considered when implementing this functionality! On Windows there is a handy QuickTime Settings window to do this, but on Mac you have to use the Terminal.

    Whey the Automatic setting doesn't work is a mystery - this uses server-push JPEG which is a well-established standard that is supported by all browsers on the Mac. We haven't had any other reports of this not working in any browsers, so there must be something particular to your Safari installation preventing this from working. I hope that using Chrome or FireFox is an acceptable solution for you.

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