Zil(i)nk PTZ 920/1080
  • Hi,

    I am referring to these cams:


    On Amazon.de they are branded as "Zilnk" (note the missing second i).

    The cameras seem to partially work with some of SecSpy´s presets for other brands. However, no single preset manages to fully support PTZ Zoom and PTZ pan and PTZ presets. Some will support only one or two of it, some will only support picture. All presets that manage to do anything with the zoom will only allow for a brief zoom movement before the zoom stops and the camera re-focuses. This way you could, in theory, zoom out fully within 15 minutes … ;)
    Is there any way to include a profile for these cameras that fully supports all PTZ functions?

  • Have you tried the ONVIF profile? The camera's specifications do indicate that this is supported.

    If that doesn't work, please let me know specifically which profiles work with which features, and we may be able to combine these into a Zilink profile that supports everything.

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