Temporary Camera Image Subset Trigger
  • It's almost hummingbird season in Ohio. I have a great camera that watches the back deck for intruders (and raccoons). It's been working great and triggers with just the sensitivity I want for the whole field of view. I'd like to be able to draw out a small window on the screen and have a SECOND trigger that captured the screen every time ANY movement happened in that small subset of the screen (which is where the hummingbird feeder is). I don't see a way to either add a second trigger or to duplicate a camera with a different set of actions. It would also be great if those videos could be automatically tagged in some way. Is there a way to do this?
  • The best solution here would be to add this camera twice by duplicating its device settings. As long as these are exactly the same for both camera instances, SecuritySpy will recognise this and won't count the extra instance towards your license limit. And it will only pull in a single stream from the camera.

    Then, for the second instance, use the motion mask to mask out the entire image apart from this specific part, and set the "trigger time" setting to "1 frame". This way, any time there is any motion in this area it will generate a trigger.
  • That worked great, Ben, thanks so much. I debugged it on a woodpecker with a sweet tooth. I can only hope SecuritySpy was written in a polymorphic language!

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