Upgrade from i5 to M1
  • I have been running SecuritySpy on an i5 Mac mini for years and wanted to ask about upgrading to an M1. Would it be better to do a clean install of SecuritySpy on the M1 or restore from a Time Machine backup. I have always felt a fresh install was "cleaner", albeit more work, then a restore. I don't mind doing the work to copy over settings. The captures are backed up, so I would probably not even copy them. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • There should be no disadvantage in copying over the SecuritySpy settings from the old machine to the new one, and this should save you some work recreating them again. This FAQ should help: How do I move SecuritySpy from one computer to another, retaining all settings?

    I'm sure you'll be very happy with the M1, it's a big step up!
  • Thanks so much for your quick reply Ben. Thanks for the link. My wife has an M1 Mac mini and it’s a powerhouse. Really have enjoyed seeing her usage of it.

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