SecuritySpy and Sricam SP017 onvif camera
  • I was able, after many tests, to configure a Sricam SP0017 camera, and I can already see and hear it, however the PTZ features do not work, there is no way to get the software to recognize this camera functionality. The camera says it is onvif compatible, and there are others software that recognize and control PTZ features, but SecuritySpy does not. Can Someone help me please?
  • Under Preferences > Cameras > Device in SecuritySpy, what "Profile" setting are you using for this camera?

    The camera does seem to be ONVIF compatible, so if you select ONVIF as the Profile, are you then able to control the PTZ?
  • The only way that the camera works is selecting " profile:Manual configuration" and on request : /onvif1, but, no PTZ
  • My actual configuration:
    HTTP: 5000
    RTSP: ( standard port )
    Username: admin
    Password: *****
    Profile: Manual configuration ( all others fail to connect )
    Format: RTSP (video and audio) ( all others fail to connect )
    Request: /onvif1 ( only 2 options work, onvif1 and onvif2 )
    This is the only configuration that work, but no PTZ
    In windows, i use ONVIF device manager and PTZ works.
    Can you help me please?
  • If you log on to the camera's settings pages with a web browser, can you find a setting there for the ONVIF port? Since the HTTP port is unusual, the ONVIF port may also be unusual, and this could be the thing that is preventing ONVIF from working in SecuritySpy.

    Once you've found the ONVIF port, change back to the ONVIF profile in SecuritySpy, and enter the correct port in the "ONVIF Port" box. Then click Apply Preferences. Does that do it?
  • The only 2 ports on the camera are: 554 and 5000
    The camera It does not have web page config. the only way to configure it is on the app for mobile devices and downt have any port config options.

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