Folders not deleting after date threshold
  • Hi Ben.
    I have SS set to delete old folder/files after ten days. SS is deleting the files inside the capture folder, but not the folder as it used to do. Eg "delete old files: ✓ delete old files by age, on system volume 10 days.
    I currently have 4 cameras each with its own folder in SS's own folder, 12 folders in each camera folder of which two are empty and the others hold the files for viewing if needed for the ten day period.
    Any thoughts on how to solve. Its not critical just a nuisance having to delete manually to keep it tidy.

    Im also unable to auto update at the moment, I'm getting a download failed. Could not connect to the server. (code: - 1004) I"m downloading updates manually.

    I'm on SS Version 5.3.2.

    My system 27" iMac V11.2.3 Big Sur. 40GB memory, 3.7GHz i5
  • Empty folders do get deleted, but this may happen some time after their containing files are deleted, due to the way the algorithm works. You don't need to manually do anything to keep this tidy - if you wait a bit you should see that the folders are deleted too.

    As for the Auto Update - the usual explanation for such errors is that you have some connection-blocking software installed that is blocking SecuritySpy's outgoing connection to check for updates (e.g. "Little Snitch") - is that the case here?
  • Yes I have Little Snitch installed, but no blocking on SS all set to accept/allow. What should I look for in LS as i say SS is set to allow/accept. All my streams work incoming and outgoing no problems.
  • SecuritySpy uses a separate helper app called "AutoUpdate" to handle in-app updates, so this is probably what's being blocked by Little Snitch. The path to this app is ~/Library/Application Support/SecuritySpy/, so if you tell LS to allow this app to make outgoing connections this will hopefully solve the problem.
  • Cheers Ben that seems to have worked. Many thanks.

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