VPN Issues with Viewing Live or Captured Files
  • With cams on a separate subnet, I use a VPN running on my Netgear Orbi to connect to my M1 Mac mini running SecuritySpy. Using the SecuritySpy iOS app, or a iOS Web browser, the video stops playing a few seconds in. The App will show the camera with red X icon. Web browser will just stop playing video. Even when viewing Captured Files from iPhone, the video will stop playing, although in the app, the progress bar will continue as if it's playing the video. I do not have these problems when connecting to VPN on MacBook using Tunnelblick. Are you folks having success using the iOS app with a VPN. I noticed the VPN on iPhone gives me a IP address. 11.x is also the subnet for my cameras. On the Mac using TunnelBlick, I don't see any references to an 11.x address, but I do see references to 10.x addresses. 10.x is what the Mac is on (11.x is for the cameras). So I don't know if the VPN configs for the iPhone, which come straight from the Orbi, are the issue. I should probably try moving the cams to .20.x unless someone here knows whats happening.

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