Home Helper problem with Honeywell Lyric Alarm
  • Hello,

    I'm trying to arm/disarm cameras based on arm/disarm of my Honeywell Lyric alarm (Homekit compatible). I have the two successfully speaking via Home Helper to Arm. The problem I am running into is that in Home Helper, the trigger has no "Disarm" option to select, just "Arms with(out) Occupancy". I've tried creating another trigger with the "Arm" option unselected, but doesn't work. Am I missing something or is the trigger missing some basic "Disarm" functionality?

    Thanks for any help,
  • Hi Steve,

    For alarm systems, you should see the following options in HomeHelper to be able to trigger cameras and/or Schedule Presets in SecuritySpy:

    - Arms With Occupancy
    - Arms Without Occupancy
    - Arms At Night
    - Disarms
    - Alarm Activates

    Do you see all these options available? If not, please email us a screenshot of what you do see (I see you have just opened an email support ticket with us about this).
  • Hi Ben, just thought I'd check in to see if there's an update on the fix for this. Thanks!

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