PTZ Control Panel
  • Would love a floating PTZ Control Panel. The drawer doesn't really work when filling the screen. I know it's probably saving you a lot of code, having a drawer with standard controls. But, something like this would be great if you could spare the time.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, I like this idea. I'll see what we can do in a future update. Do you know what the source is for the particular screenshot you linked to? This has a nice design.
  • I created it, as a visual how I'd like SS to look. Using Big Sur's 'Control Centre' as a style guide. I replaced the CMA buttons with glyphs and added a few more buttons for easy access to preferences and other windows. I work as a print graphic designer, I can send you the Illustrator file to have play around with if you want?
  • Ah I see - this is great. If you can send this to me as an eps or pdf that would be much appreciated ( Many thanks!
  • Oh, I love this idea.
  • Wouldn't it be better to have the ptz controls on the right side, since most people use the mouse on their right side.

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