Auto Patrol Questions
  • A few Auto Patrol Questions.

    1. Is there a keyboard shortcut to start/stop Auto Patrol?
    2. Is there a possibility of adding a way to start/stop Auto Patrol from Apple TV App / iPhone App?
    3. Having Auto Patrol on 24/7, will this shorten the life expectancy of a large outdoor PTZ, with motors and bearing or is it nothing to worry about?
  • 1. No - I can't see how this could be implemented nicely, since the user would have to select which camera to start auto-patrol for. Let me know if you have any ideas.

    2. Good idea, we will see if we can add this in the next app update.

    3. Potentially, however for good-quality cameras, the PTZ mechanism is probably no more likely to fail than other functions of the camera (weather seal, sensor, optics etc.) over the useful lifespan of the camera.
  • Regards the keyboard shortcut.
    If I press keystroke '2' in SS, it is the equivalent of pressing the UI button no.2. If I haven't preconfigured preset 2, pressing keystroke 2 does nothing.

    Same idea with Auto patrol.
    If I press keystroke A in SS, it would be the equivalent of pressing the Auto Patrol button in the UI. If I haven't preconfigured auto patrol, pressing keystroke 'A' would do nothing.

    The only reason I would want a Auto patrol Keystroke is because the Auto Patrol UI button isn't accessible in full screen mode and can't be turned on without exiting full screen, that I know of.
  • The keystroke input of "2" works because at that point the PTZ drawer is visible, with a selected camera, so it's clear what the key press means. With no PTZ drawer and no visible camera selection, it's far less clear.

    Maybe we can add this as a contextual menu item. And/or implement your other suggestion about a floating control panel.

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