Tips for making 100% that SecuritySpy is always running and not in a "frozen" state?
  • Hi Friendly SecuritySpy folks,

    Figured someone here might have an idea for a recent "issue" I experienced:

    I was away from my iMac Pro "Server" (which runs SecuritySpy 24/7) for about a week (was in the hospital, not Covid related but not fun either, thankfully recovering well now) and when I came back home I saw that SecuritySpy had "frozen" and unfortunately hadn't recorded any video for the past 2 days. The resolution was simple... just Force Quit SecuritySpy and re-open it and it was back up and running... but of course it hadn't recorded any video during the previous 2 days when it was sitting there frozen. :/

    Now, I TOTALLY understand that applications will freeze up/hang/spin sometimes. This is NOT a complaint about SecuritySpy AT ALL. I work in software and understand: it happens to all applications (and is often caused by an issue with the OS or another app running). BUT, I'd like to mitigate the chances of this happening again so my question is this:

    Does anyone have any tips/tricks/etc for making 100% sure that SecuritySpy is always running and not in a "frozen" state. Does it make sense to have it automatically quit/relaunch once every 24 hours? Perhaps there's a 3rd party utility that can be run in the background that "watches" for running apps and reports if any of them are unresponsive for more than a minute or so (and ideally send a push notification to an iOS device)?

    It seems like the solution I'm looking for isn't likely to be a part of SecuritySpy itself (as in these scenarios it is in a "frozen" state) but instead some sort of OS level utility that informs me if SecuritySpy is unresponsive. Any ideas from the SecuritySpy pros out there?? :)
  • Sorry you have experienced this - you're right that this can happen for a variety of reasons, but if this ever happens again, please use the following procedure to capture a sample of SecuritySpy:

    - Open Activity Monitor
    - Select SecuritySpy in the list of processes
    - Click the gear icon at the top and select “Sample Process”
    - Save the resulting log and email it to us.

    This should tell us what has gone wrong and what can be done to prevent the problem in the future.

    As for uptime monitoring, assuming that you have set up remote access to SecuritySpy via the Internet, you could use UptimeRobot, which is a free service that will notify you if SecuritySpy (or any web server) goes offline.

    Unfortunately I don't know of a tool that will actually monitor apps for freezing problems and restart them automatically, but perhaps someone else here does.

    And, sorry to hear you've been in hospital, hope your recovery goes well!
  • Thanks Ben! Will look into UptimeRobot.

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