Arduino ESP32-CAM Stream
  • Hi, has anyone got an ESP32-CAM module working with SecuritySpy? This is a neat small microcontroller which you can programme from the Arduino IDE interface. I am using it for a number of projects at home including bird boxes and bird feeders. It comes with a web streaming code which you can install and then access on your local network through a simple link - - I'm not sure of the stream format, I think its JPEG. It works really well and I would really like to integrate into SecuritySpy so I can use the motion detection features etc. I have tried to setup as a Manual Configuration Profile, simply putting the address in, using port 81 in both HTTP and RTSP port boxes, and then adding the /stream to the request. To be honest I dont think the code in the ESP32 uses RTSP but I have no idea. Its pretty basic as web cams go but easily programmable for lots of other project uses. Format I have used is HTTP (Video Only). This does not work - I get a Unsupported Chuncked Data error. Keen to see if anyone has got this working - it would bring a whole new world of possibilities for these neat MCUs.

    Looking at the log of the ESP32-CAM this is an example of what I get when connected to the stream url, not sure if this give any clues as to how I should configure in SecuritySpy?

    10:41:46.223 -> MJPG: 5591B 35ms (28.6fps), AVG: 45ms (22.2fps), 0+0+0+0=0 0
    10:41:46.223 -> MJPG: 5580B 40ms (25.0fps), AVG: 43ms (23.3fps), 0+0+0+0=0 0
    10:41:46.223 -> MJPG: 5557B 37ms (27.0fps), AVG: 42ms (23.8fps), 0+0+0+0=0 0
    10:41:46.223 -> MJPG: 5598B 43ms (23.3fps), AVG: 42ms (23.8fps), 0+0+0+0=0 0
    10:41:46.272 -> MJPG: 5593B 39ms (25.6fps), AVG: 41ms (24.4fps), 0+0+0+0=0 0
    10:41:46.305 -> MJPG: 5602B 40ms (25.0fps), AVG: 41ms (24.4fps), 0+0+0+0=0 0

    I can actually see when the SecuritySpy tries to connect as the log shows that the page is served from the ESP32-CAM, I am getting the unable to connect error though and when I go to configure settings/setup tab I see a unsupported chunked data error in the masking box.

  • It sounds like the software running on the module is set to send HTTP data in "chunked" format, which SecuritySpy does not support. This will have to be turned off - do you know if it's possible to do so?
  • I will take a look - thanks for the reply and getting back to me so quickly !!
  • Looks like it is hard coded for chunking - there are no options and the code is dedicated to chunking from what I can see - thats a real shame, I think this would open up a whole new world or project potential if this was supported.
  • I found this on GitHub
    This works with HTTP video only and seems to work well on SecuritySpy with ESP32-CAM module, really interesting now! I will continue to do more testing. The clue was in the chunking so thanks.
  • Sounds great, hopefully this is a good solution, thanks for reporting back.

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