Is it good practice to remove DNS settings from my cameras ?
  • I'm currently using a few Hikvision cameras, and they come configured with a DNS setting of which is google if I'm not mistaken.
    Is it good practice to just blank out the DNS entries inside the camera configurations, so that they cannot access the internet ?
    The only way I access my cameras from outside my home network is through SecuritySpy, so I think it's safe to remove all DNS settings inside each camera, or not ?

    I also did the local NTP thing as described on the blog, and I'd like to try the separate subnet next... Do I need DNS settings if I configure a separate subnet for my cameras ?
  • Yes, is Google's DNS server. The camera needs a DNS entry in order to make outgoing connections to Internet servers using domain names. The main use of this is to allow the camera to connect to a time server (e.g. to maintain the correct time. If you don't need it to do this, then you can safely remove the camera's DNS and router entries (however some cameras won't let you remove these after specifying them!)

    In order to connect to a server within your LAN (local network) by IP address, the only settings the camera needs are an IP address and subnet ( For this, it does not need to be provided with DNS or router entries.

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