Odd - Can't hit www.bensoftware.com from the Mac w/ SS Installed
  • Not so much a SS issue, but it's so weird and specific to SS, figure I'd ask. I have a 2012 MacMini that has been running SS for a while, with no issues. I recently tried to update to the latest version of SS (was running 5.30, now running 5.3.1) and the updater would just hang. Would not go and get the latest version.

    So when I open Safari or Chrome and head to https://www.bensoftware.com, neither browser will resolve and connect. When I ping the web address, it resolves the IP but I get a timeout. I've rebooted, checked /etc/hosts in the off chance it somehow got blocked.

    What's weird is that on other Macs (two laptops, another Mac mini) in my house, iPhones, all connecting to the same wifi/gateway/DNS settings, they ALL work. It's just the Mac that is running SS. I can access all other websites, everything else is behaving normally. Just weird. Any thoughts?
  • This is indeed weird! Since our web site is up and running with 100% uptime recently, and you can access it on your other machines, this must be something about the configuration of this specific machine that is causing this. Is this Mac running any connection-blocking software at all (e.g. Little Snitch) or any third-party firewall software? Are you able to access all other websites that you try?
  • Yep, it is weird. I am running little snitch, but I even turned it off and still having the issue. I have not encountered any other port 80/443 issues going anywhere else. Rebooted, and all that good stuff.

    But I figured it out. Hackers love to try and attack the port I have open for SS. So my gateway took some proactive measures it seems. I'll have to look into this more, but I know what the problem is. lol.

  • Interesting - so your gateway has some kind of automatic protection that involves connection blocking? Still I'm surprised that this would affect outgoing connections, and then specifically to our web site!
  • I am having the same issue. I cannot open bensoftware.com on my imac. My iPad is fine. Has been happening for a few months.
  • My iMac is running security spy and cannot upgrade.
  • @rlust - what exactly is the error you get when attempting to access bensoftware.com? Also, what version of maOS are you using? If it's a very old version of macOS, it may not have recent a enough SSL version to negotiate a secure connection.
  • I found the issue, my router was blocking the IP address..
  • OK, great to hear you found the source of the problem.

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