Feature Suggestions... New user since June. Very pleased with the program.
  • Hi, Thanks for the great product. Here are some of my thoughts after a few months of use. It is a long list. Please don't feel it is necessary to respond line-by-line to each suggestion...

    * Add a Welcome "username" banner to the web browser page so I can see who I logged in as.

    * Add a "Logout" button to the web browser page to make it easier to secure the cameras from other users without deleting cookies or quitting and restarting Safari, Firefox, etc. This would also help the admin when setting up multiple user accounts.

    * An option to make sure the main window opens in full screen mode after an auto restart event. My SecuritySpy computer is connected directly to a spare input on the big screen TV. The fastest way to monitor the cameras is via the TV remote control. Hence the dependance on the full screen main window. (SecuritySpy currently does this only if I remember to leave the application in full screen mode when I am done with it. A fail safe would return it to full screen after a few hours of being idle and at start-up.)

    *A test button for the FTP server setup. It took me a while to figure out that I had set the wrong port.

    *An option for FTP uploads to automatically create sub-folders by date, just as the main file storage does. This would be best as a separate setting for each camera server.

    *Pre-capture for FTP images and multiple FTP captures per second... (I would like to get to 4 per second). (I use an App called "Zeitraffer", free from the App store, to create QuickTime movies from the collected images. It works nicely with a very basic user interface. The down side is that you need a Tumbler account to reach the author. It would be better if had AppleScript capabilities. Still, you can't argue with the price.)

    *Add playback speed drop menu to the main Browser window. Forwards and backwards. Even better; just launch the movie into the user's choice of movie player, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Flip4Mac, etc. This way the users get features that you don't need to support.

    *The ability to delete uploads by date range, or by dated folder in the application browser. The web page browser already supports this indirectly.

    *The choices for writing movies to the main disk are "individual files" and "once a day". I would prefer to be able to choose the number of movie files a day just like the Continuous Capture movie upload options. The same choices as the Continuous Capture option would be perfect. Once a day; limits access to the current movie with Quicktime and other third party players until the day is over.

    *When writing the movie file at the end of the day (midnight, or hourly), write a token file to the target disk 5 minutes ahead of time to spin-up a sleeping disk, computer, or NAS. Write the movie file and then delete the token file. This should prevent loss of data due to time-out errors.

    *The "Automatically block IP after 5 failed login attempts" is the preferred Access Control Setting. However it needs a "Never block these computers" setting. Isn't there a way to always control access based on the computer's MAC number rather than IP address?

    *Show a full four digit year on the on-screen date stamp.

    One problem that I have at my location is that it is very breezy. Most of my motion triggers are simply branches and leaves or the shadows of the branches and leaves blowing in the wind. I know that detecting the difference between branches blowing in the wind and an intruder is difficult. It seems to me that a high threshold cut-off for motion detection might help my situation. More computationally expensive would be a signal to noise ratio calculation, noting that the noise level changes with wind speed and angle of the sun. And it changes seasonally... What a project!!! I have done some simple calculations for audio signal filtering (Amateur Radio). Would not know where to start with video.

    Security Spy does not have the latest Madison Avenue, candy color, glow in the dark user interface. In-fact the GUI looks a bit dated. HOWEVER, compared to the Synology Security Surveillance program that I was using, you have so many more features that JUST SIMPLY WORK. Synology has a few features that I will miss like the camera by camera video time-line. But you guys are providing a superior product for the Mac. Keep it up and you will have me as a customer for a long time!

    Cameras that I am using. All D-Link, DCS-7010L, DCS-2310L and DCS-930. The DCS-7010L and the DCS-2310L are not directly supported. I lied to Security Spy and said that the first two are DCS-2210's. They seem to work OK at that setting.

    Running SecuritySpy on a Mac Quicksilver PPC with a Sonnett 1.6 GHz accelerator that I pulled out of retirement. THANKS FOR STILL SUPPORTING PPC MACS!!!

  • Hello and thank you for all the suggestions and comments! Here are my initial thoughts on some of your suggestions:

    * A logout button would be useful, but due to the particular authentication that SecuritySpy uses, this is difficult. I'll see what we can do.

    * The Browser supports "JKL" key control - so if you press L once, it goes forwards at 1x speed; press again and it goes up to 2x speed and so on. J does the opposite (slows down playback and goes into rewind the more times it's pressed). K stops. You might find this useful as it negates the need for any sort of playback speed menu.

    * We are planning to have a "once per hour" option for motion movies in a near-future version of SecuritySpy to expand the choices.

    * When capturing, SecuritySpy is constantly writing data to the disk, so while your idea of a token file is a good one for certain circumstances I'm not sure that it would be useful here.

    * I understand what you mean about the blocking IP addresses. You might decide that having a strong password and turning off the IP blocking feature is therefore preferable. If someones tries to guess your password using a brute-force algorithmic method this won't work for strong passwords because SecuritySpy slows down its responses to multiple incorrect login attempts, making the time it would take to guess the password impractically long.

    * The next version of SecuritySpy will indeed have a 4-digit year in the date on the overlays.

    SecuritySpy's motion-detection algorithm does in fact try to measure the amount of background noise in the image and takes this into account. However it's tricky if there is a lot of movement such as branches moving etc. My advice would be to mount cameras high up, pointing down (thereby avoiding trees and the sky), and masking out any problem areas using the mask that you can set up in the Camera Settings window.

    SecuritySpy does indeed support PPC Macs for the moment as we definitely see the use of some of these old Macs that can be put into service as a DVR. However, compiling PPC code has already been discontinued by Apple in the latest Xcode versions, so at some point we will probably have to abandon PPC support to take advantage of the latest Apple development tools. Sad but inevitable I'm afraid. But that's not going to happen in the immediate future.
  • < snip > * When capturing, SecuritySpy is constantly writing data to the disk, so while your idea of a token file is a good one for certain circumstances I'm not sure that it would be useful here...

    My setup has the capture files being written to my Synology Network Storage (NAS). I assume "constantly writing to disk" means the computer startup disk not the NAS disk.

    Near midnight when the capture files are being closed, my NAS disks often spin down after 20 minutes of inactivity, hence my time-out errors. I have solved this problem by adding a script on the NAS server to perform a task that spins up the disks 10 minutes before midnight every night.

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