MacOSX Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and error codes -2003 and -8961, 'no codec'
  • If I set compression to MPEG-4 I get error code -2003, and if I set it to H.264 I get error code -8961 'no codec'. JPEG works fine, but that's an odd format. I tried everything, upgraded SecuritySpy to 3.0.4, deleted and reinstalled Quicktime 7, to no avail. By this time and after several e-mail me and my wife exchanged with Ben I know this is an OS error. But how do I fix it? This situation started after I changed my HD and performed a full, clean install of SNL. Unfortunately my iMac doesn't support later versions of the OS. Someone help me, please! Alberto
  • Hi Alberto,

    This is not a known problem with any system version. My guess is that you might have some other video software installed that is conflicting such as perian or Flip4Mac or suchlike. Check your /Library/Components/ and /Library/QuickTime/ folders to see if there is anything there that is non-Apple, and also check the equivalent folders within your your folder (i.e. /users//Library/...).

    The errors indicate that the MPEG-4 and H.264 components of QuickTime that SecuritySpy uses for its video compression are missing, however this doesn't seem to make sense if you are using a clean install of your system and have reinstalled QuickTime, so something odd is going on.

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