iOS/tvOS Feature Request
  • I would like to inquire a feature request for the iOS and tvOS applications.
    Keyboard control for PTZ would be beneficial for my setup.
    The implementation of the macOS keyboard control for presets and arrow keys is perfect.
    Please consider this is a future release.
    Thank you for the GREAT software.

  • Hi Chris, it is already possible to control PTZ from the iOS app: when viewing a camera, tap the gear icon (bottom right) and you will see the option there to show PTZ controls. Am I misunderstanding your question?
  • Hey Ben,
    I pair a keyboard with the ipads and appleTVs. It would be great to be a able to use the arrow keys on the keyboard for PTZ, identical to how it is available in macOS SS. Being able to call a preset with the number keys is great as well.
  • I understand now, thanks. I'm not sure how useful this would be generally as the vast majority of people don't have a keyboard connected to their iOS/tvOS device, however it shouldn't be difficult to implement so we'll see what we can do for a future update.
  • I use apple tv as primary viewing and would love to have the PTZ available via the apple tv remote!
  • when viewing the camera you want to control while viewing on the Apple TV app, hold down the button and a menu will pop up and you can choose the control ptz option and then arrows will appear on the screen.

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