Cams hang while in Browser
  • I've noticed that while I'm viewing captured video in Browser that the cameras live view will "pause" and the specific camera I'm viewing the history of will sometimes loose connection. I know it's not a network thing as I've opened the cameras' live streams in QuickTime plater (RTSP) and that stream remains interrupted while it is disconnected from SS.
    Am I the only one seeing this and it's related to my cameras and setup (Mid 2010 Mac Pro and SS is using about 1 of the 16 cores storing to a dedicated RAID1 set).
    The most reliable way to reproduce this is to use the J-K-L keys to playback at 16x or higher.
    The cams in question are all RTSP/h.264 all set to VBR and SS is set to not re-compress the video. No audio from any of the cams.
    Trying to use Activity Monitor to isolate my bottleneck has been un-fruitful. SS seems to use multiple threads, no CPU core is ever maxed out(or even close) during these events. Disk activity is a a measly 2MB/s read and about 100 IO/s. 16GB of RAM in the machine and during these events swap files get created like crazy (up to swapfile5 during testing while writing this post and they were all created at 9:15am) when there were none for the 35 days of uptime for the machine.

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